SpaWorks 4K: Cutting Edge Spa Management Software in a Unique Context. The Distinctive Software for Spas

How is SpaWorks 4K installed?

Because SpaWorks 4K is software which resides locally rather than browser-based, the question of how it is installed naturally arises. The traditional model required an on-site installation team, and ongoing local IT support (contracted or in-house) to maintain the installation and troubleshoot problems.

The SpaWorks 4K model is unique. The software is pre-installed on the dedicated appliance computers, and shipped to the spa, ready to go.

The computers are packaged together with the software. The hardware and software are included together in the price.

This model eliminates the traditional complications of assuring that user-provided hardware meets specifications, as well as the expense of onsite installers and their travel costs.

How is SpaWorks 4K serviced? (The 30 minute no-fault resolution.)

We understand that a busy spa cannot afford downtime, and staff don't have the capacity to spend lengthy periods of time on the telephone troubleshooting. If a malfunctioning computer cannot be repaired within 30 minutes after you have notified out technical support, then we will recommend that you standby appliance be immediately substituted in its place. Some SpaWorks 4K service agreements include an on-site standby computer.

We have eliminated the typical disputes and finger pointing around whether a malfunctioning installation is the result of "hardware" or "software." No matter what the reason, if the issue cannot be resolved by our technical support within thirty minutes, a replacement appliance will be express shipped (or delivered) to you for next day arrival where physically possible. This no-fault service is possible because of our appliance model wherein we have bundled both hardware and software as our product.

(Please note that depending on which service level you purchase, you may be responsible for one-way shipping cost and for hardware damage caused by negligence on your part, if any. Some plans may cover all forms of damage.)

Where does my data reside?

Again, the SpaWorks 4K model is unique. Rather than your data being entrusted to the software provider which outsources to unspecified public "cloud" providers, SpaWorks 4K provides two options:

The all-local option:

You can purchase a pre-configured data server appliance from us which you house on-premises. This gives you the maximum security and control over your data, and may increase data access speed because communications occur over your local network rather than the internet. In this scenario, your system will continue to operate even if your internet connection goes down. This solution may also be desirable for remotely located spas with poor internet connectivity. A limitation of this all-local approach is that online customer bookings are more difficult to engineer, although it may be possible with a high-speed internet connection and professional firewall hardware.

The hybrid option:

Although SpaWorks 4K application runs locally (not in a browser), it will connect to your underlying data via the internet. Your data will reside on a database hosted by a high-quality and reliable B2B (not consumer) service. This option strikes a balance between, on one hand, the high-security but resource overhead of purchasing and situating your own physical on-premises server; and on the other hand the lower upfront cost but loss-of-complete-control associated with a remote database. The hybrid option is ideal for online customer bookings, in that the data is more readily accessible when hosted at a Microsoft datacentre than at your own premises.

Two database options:

The SpaWorks4K code is written such that it can be driven by either a MySQL database or Microsoft SQL Server ("MSSQL") database. The former is our standard configuration. However, a spa which has already invested (or wishes to invest) in MSSQL in-house, or in the cloud, can configure SpaWorks 4K accordingly.
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