SpaWorks 4K: Cutting Edge Spa Management Software in a Unique Context. The Distinctive Software for Spas

SpaWorks 4K is brand new for 2021, and leverages cutting edge technology in computing power and user interface design. Moreover, SpaWorks 4K boldly implements a unique implementation model which some business operators may find more advantageous compared to the conventional products available.

Bookings in five-minute resolution
Time slider control allows viewing spa status and booking appointments in five-minute increments.
Create and sell packages
Services may be grouped together to sell as a package. Unlimited number of packages allowed with unlimited number of included services.

Drag and drop user interface
Easily drag and drop services and products into a guest folio, and drag services onto open tables to book.
Multi-guest folios
Group multiple guests together for easy tracking and payment.

Multiple tax lines
Software allows for up to three distinct sales tax types.
Unlimited provider profiles
Specify qualified modalities for each provider. Treatments cannot be booked with unqualified providers.

Cleanup times
Software can be configured with distinct cleanup time for each treatment type. Booking will not be allowed during this time.
Tip distribution
Tips are automatically distrubuted according to a distribution determined by management.

Multiple price categories
Create multiple pricing tiers (e.g., "Retail," "Professional," "Senior," "Local." Assign distinct retail prices to services depending on tier.
Multiple tables/stations per room
Rooms can be configured with one or more treatment tables/stations to accommodate couples therapies or group situations.

Drag and drop bookings and product sales
Drag services and retail products into guest folio to sell. Drag servies onto available table to book.
Provider scheduling
Providers may be assigned working hours and assigned to particular tables.

Provider scheduling
Providers may be assigned working hours and assigned to particular tables.

SpaWorks 4K is an integrated local appliance. Software and computer are integrated and supplied together.

SpaWorks 4K is unique among spa management applications. Rather than running in a browser window, which is the current trend, SpaWorks 4K runs as a desktop program on a dedicated computer ("appliance"). This appliance runs SpaWorks 4K only.

This means that the computer upon which SpaWorks 4K resides cannot be multitasked to check email, surf the web, or watch videos. Some users may find this to be a drawback, in that they must use another (their regular) computer for these tasks.

However, many business owners may be relieved that staff will not be distracted by such activities. Further, this environment significantly reduces the risk of the operational computer being infected with malware, or suffering misconfigurations which interfere with critical business operations.

SpaWorks 4K is a problem solver.

Problems endemic to spa software
Solutions offered by SpaWorks 4K

Complicate and expensive installations
SpaWorks 4K is pre-installed on computers which are supplied.

Troubleshooting is often a time-consuming problem unto itself
If problem cannot be solved within 30 minutes, swap out computer for a spare with SpaWorks4K pre-installed.

Loss of control of proprietary data, concerns about data security
Rather than your data being mysteriously distributed in "The Cloud," it is stored separately from others' data, in either MySQL or MSSQL databases locally or remotely (your choice), remains your property, and is available for your retrieval.

Spa forced to hire expensive in-house or contract IT staff
All Spaworks 4K installations include swappable spare computers, which minimize need for technical support.

Limitations of browser-based software, e.g., slow, buggy, unresponsive
SpaWorks 4K is a desktop application which resides on each local computer. Desktop applications are more responsive and have more sophiticated capabilities than web browsers.

The blame game: Software versus hardware
SpaWorks 4K support is no-fault. If something is not working, swap out the computer. A replacement spare will be sent.

Staff misuses computer, distracts from work and/or corrupt installation, introduce malware
Computer is locked down for SpaWorks 4K use only.

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